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Max Peterson has been performing and releasing his unique brand of trance music under various project names since 1998. Max was born in San Diego, California in 1979, and spent most of his teenage years in France. He then developed his production and performance skills in California, Mexico, Spain, and every part of the planet with a vibrant trance scene.

Max’s passion for music began at a young age. Max’s father Gary Peterson is a highly accomplished composer, guitarist, and keyboard player. Gary was a member of influential 60’s-70’s cult band “Formerly Fat Harry”. His band played next to legends such as Pink Floyd, Roy Harper, Third ear band, King Crimson, Fleetwood mac, to name a few… Max’s first tracks were recorded and produced by Gary when Max was just 14 years old.

MAD MAXX has been delivering his live set to all psytrance freaks in the world on a weekly basis, and has collaborated with numerous artists along his carreer…He is also the proud owner of United Beats Records, one of the most successful record labels in the Psychedelic trance scene, surrounded by all of his best artist friends and always pushing newcomers to new heights.

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  • 12Aug'22

    Voov Festival

    venue Putlitz (Germany)


  • 13Aug'22

    Universo Parallelo Teaser

    venue Lisbon (Portugal)


  • 20Aug'22

    A&G Summer Festival

    venue Tokyo (Japan)


  • 27Aug'22

    Indian Spirit Festival

    venue Hamburg (Germany)


  • 28Aug'22

    Aura Festival

    venue Barcelona (Spain)


  • 03Sep'22

    Space Tribe Tribute Party

    venue Munich (Germany)


  • 04Sep'22

    Sacred Earth Festival

    venue Missouri, Ozarks (USA)


  • 09Sep'22


    venue El Paso (Texas)


  • 10Sep'22

    Pisces Music

    venue DNA Lounge, San Francisco (USA)


  • 17Sep'22

    Dupaniça Open Air

    venue Bratislava (Slowakia)


  • 24Sep'22

    Empire of Goa

    venue Hamburg (Germany)


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